Welcome to WhittFit Training!

WhittFit Training was established in 2012 by Steve Whittemore. WhittFit Training aims to deliver great results with life changing effects. We have a team of personal trainers that can offer programmes in the following areas:

Fat Loss  |  Core Stability  |  Strength Work  |  Conditioning Programmes  |  Online Training  | Nutrition              

Steve Whittemore

Owner & Head Trainer

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Hi my name is Steve Whittemore and I am the Head Trainer @ Whittfit Training

personal training. I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for over 12 years

and have gained lots of experience in a number of different areas over this time. I have worked with both men and women of all ages ranging from general members of the public to athletes.

My key areas of Personal Training I like to focus on are fat loss programs, strength

training, core stability and nutritional advice. I get fantastic results through the

methods of training I use and I like to keep my Personal Training and Group exercise

sessions fun and motivating.

1-2-1 sessions are carried out from either the Whittfit Training gym in Seaford or a local park. My aim with every client I work with is to not just achieve your goals but to continually help you improve your health and fitness by building a lifetime relationship.

  • Fitness Instructor Level 2 Award                      Personal Trainer Level 3 Award

  • Circuit Training Instructor                               Keiser Indoor Group Cycling Instructor

  • Optimal Life Fitness Olympic Lifting award        Extreme Kettlebell instructor

  • Single Leg Training Specialist                          Industry standard insurance

  • Nutrition Coach

Jordan Burns

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Hi there! My name is Jordan Burns and I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Whittfit Training. I am responsible for leading the Brighton based class programme. I have been involved with the health & fitness industry for the last 9 years and have adopted a number of different training styles and regimes to push my body to the limit and maximise its efficiency. I have worked and trained with a number of different people over the years and have the ability to adapt my training plans to suit the needs of a diverse range of clients.


My training methods incorporate functional movements at a high intensity to ensure the body is the fittest it can be. The human body has the amazing ability to adapt to the demands placed upon it and that’s how I programme my workout routines - movements that will not only get you fitter but will also help you in everyday life!


I combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) with body weight movements, strength training, core stability, explosive power, flexibility and endurance work. This combination will not only get you fitter and stronger but it will also help you lose fat and build lean muscle, ensuring that your body reaches its potential and is the best it can be! I have worked with both men and women of all ages and I tailor each of my programmes based around your goals - whether it be fat loss, improving your strength or increasing your mobility! I also understand the importance of nutrition and will advise you on the best foods to consume dependent on your needs.


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor    Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training   Boot Camp & Circuits Instructor

Harry Knight

Personal Trainer

Harry pic_edited.jpg

My name is Harry, a fully qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and

Level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in HIIT workouts, interval training, functional fitness, circuit training, weight loss and strength. I've been interested in fitness for years and have completed warrior runs, colour runs and half marathons, 10ks and sampled almost every fitness class available. My passion is to teach people the positives of exercise and the impact that it can have on your body. To get you moving and feeling better through exercise. I believe through the correct approach and passion for change, results will follow. I help create effective and tailored plans with your goals in mind and believe through hard work, support and guidance your goals can be achieved.


·     Level 3 Personal Trainer

·     Level 2 Fitness/Gym Instructor 

·     Indoor Cycling Instructor

·     Kettlebell Instructor

·     Workplace First Aid Training

·     Hiit, Circuits, Bootcamp instructor

·     Behaviour Change for Health and Exercise

·     Digital Marketing and Level 2 Business and Administration

·     Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance

·     Fully Insured