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Call or email now to organise a FREE one to one consultation PLUS discounted products available at the gym reception.

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  • Educate on proper nutrition

  • Improve eating habits

  • Weight Management

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle

  • Achieve solid RESULTS!

            WHITT FIT'S WAY


  1. Eat five to six times a day. 

  2. Limit your consumption of sugars and processed foods. 

  3. Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day. 

  4. Drink more water and cut out calorie-containing beverages (beer, soda, etc.). 

  5. Focus on consuming lean proteins throughout the day. 

  6. Save starch containing foods until after a workout or for breakfast. 




Starting out you want to pick one protein food to eat at each meal, 1-2 vegetables (at least one being green), and make sure to have a fat food or oil (not more than 1TBSP per meal) at each meal. 

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