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Circadian Health

Updated: Aug 11, 2021


This picture above illustrates normal anabolic/catabolic hormone levels versus an exaggerated stress response.

Anabolic means constructive. Catabolic means destructive.

Anabolic hormones are released in the body in the evening when we should be resting/sleeping.

Catabolic hormones are released in the body when we are awake and doing work.

A lot of us have exaggerated stress responses due to stresses from modern day living. These stresses include things like working late, exercising late, using stimulants after lunch, etc.

In order to live a healthier lifestyle, we want to be as close to the natural sleep/wake cycles rhythms as possible. This will give us the best chance of being vital and healthy that will give us the ability to exercise safely.

Here are some effective suggestions for optimizing your sleep/wake cycles:

1. Get to bed by 22:00. Get to sleep by 22:30.

2. Reduce bright light exposure at least 2 hours before bed. This includes things like bright lights, TV monitors, phone screens, fluorescent lights, etc. Use dimmer switches, lamps with low wattage bulbs and/or candles instead.

3. Have your room completely dark when you sleep.

4. Refrain from consuming stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and nicotine after lunch. Stay away from desserts that contain sugar, alcohol and/or caffeine.

5. Eat according to your Metabolic Type, especially at dinner. You can find out more about Metabolic Typing by reading the book “Metabolic Typing Diet” by William L. Wolcott and Trish Fahey.

6. Drink lots of good quality water. To find out how much water you should be drinking every day use the formula: “Kg X 0.033 = Litres of Water”. The formula states that you should take your body weight in kilograms and multiply it by 0.033 to determine how many litres of water you should be drinking every day. Have a read of Blog 1 on water to find out more.

7. Exercise during the day. This will help you sleep better at night.

8. Unplug all electrical appliances in your bedroom at night. Try and rearrange your room so that your bed is as far away as possible from electrical appliances. Make sure you do no use an electric blanket.

9. You can find this information and much, much more in the book: “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” by Paul Chek.

The more well rested you are, the more energy and health you will have to exercise at WHITT-FIT TRAINING GYM!

Let this information help you feel better, gain confidence and be the best they can each and every day.

All the best,


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