"Jordan is an excellent personal trainer.  If it wasn't for him then I wouldn't have got to where I am today with my fitness and health.  I have lost 2 and a half stone in weight by taking nutritional advice from him changing the way I eat and my attitude towards food has now completely changed.  Together with my fitness regime I now feel the best that I have ever felt in my life. Jordan is positive, personable, supportive, motivated and encouraging.  I know if I have any questions or queries on how to do certain stretches or exercises Jordan is always happy to listen and give guidance/help. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious and it makes me want to give 100% to him.  Jordan goes that extra mile and because he believes you can do it - you know deep down you can."

Carole from London


"Thanks to Steve's personal training sessions and his ability to constantly push me out of my comfort zone I was able to pass my fitness test, this required a dead lift of 100kg and actual press ups. When I first started training with Steve I couldn't do one press up or lift very much at all, my fitness was quite shocking but thankfully with weekly sessions and him never giving up even when I had a strop I got through first time around!!! Without my sessions I honestly would of never got there, thank you Steve!"

Wendy from Seaford


"Steve Whittemore is an excellent personal trainer. Listens to what you want and comes up with a varied exercise regime providing positive encouragement to make you want to push yourself further.  Very competitive prices. Highly recommended"

Anne from Peacehaven


Been going approximately 3 months i think as of now and seeing a difference for sure. First the facilities. Good range of equipment and can target all the body. Separate weight and aerobics room both good quality. Although small the instructors are happy to show different exercises etc that do the job. So far I have not had to wait to exercise any part of my body. When you first join they help sort out a plan/routine to meet your goals/requirements. The instructors don't rush you through and are happy to help if free, also friendly reception staff to. Have not attended any classes myself so can not comment on those. The prices are very good, there is a singles and couples rate. Would I recommend at least trying it if looking for a gym or to exercise. Absolutely.

Michael from Seaford


"I attended Steve's circuit training class on a Tuesday night and it was a great class to attend. I was very new to circuit training but Steve explained everything clearly and kept me motivated throughout the class. Steve has given me the confidence to give other classes a try and i will definitely be returning to the class in weeks to come"

Jill from Peacehaven


"i have just completed the 30 days of fitness with Steve Whittemore,and i am so pleased with my results. Not only did i reach my target weight,but my fat % went down from my lean Weight went up and my dry lean muscle weight went from 11.7kg to 12.1kg. Steve Whittemore is a fantastic trainer,and was there every step of the way,with help/guidance throughout,i loved the programme and would defiantly recommend him and the progamme to anyone whose thinking of getting fitter/healthier. Thank you Steve"

Sarah Claridge


"Great Personal trainer! I feel stronger and heathier since doing your curcuit training and PT sessions! Dare i say, I have even started to "not mind" burpees...."
Charlotte Barnes


Great little gym with everything you need. For a really decent price. Space is deceiving from the outside.
Lovely staff, Steve is a very helpful, encouraging PT and all his staff are too. Finally a gym I feel comfortable going to and enjoy.

Amba & Oliver


"Attended a circuit training class with Steve and it was fantastic. I havent exercised for years but Steve explained everything so well and actually made exercise enjoyable"

Tracy from Brighton


"I never thought I would have such a great time when I signed up for the 30 days challenge! Once I got used to the diet plan and the exercise regime I started to look forward to the next session. I also had great support from Steve who knew exactly how much to push me. It was such a great experience I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Many thanks Steve"

Sophie Sextou


"The 30 days of fitness challenge with Steve Whittemore of Whittfit Training was fun and effective. I feel fitter and definitely looked more toned. I am very close to my target weight now so i am really happy and would certainly look at doing something similar again"

Fiona Desmedt